Alec is an award-winning film maker from the Midlands who is proficient in many different areas of production, from the first stages of planning a film to the final edit. He also writes in third person because that seems to be the norm for websites. Judge him how you will for that.


No, you know what? Not gonna do that, had a third-person intro on here for a few years and since I'm updating the site I'm going to update that as well. Let's get personal. Let's get all up in that first-person diatribe thing that's happening here. See how that goes for me.


I've been working in the film industry for almost a decade, stepping on set for the first time in I think 2009, maybe 2010. Just a runner smearing concrete poles with Vaseline so that cement dust would stick to them. Good times. These days I have my own production company, Disco Stoat Productions, as well as my self-employed business AlecJordanFilm, which is where you now find yourself. It's been a long road to get here and there's plenty more road to go, but I'm satisfied that it's at least the right direction. Wouldn't say no to a rich producer giving me a lift though. Hint.


I want to make films that no one else would make. I want people to watch my work and go 'yeah, only Alec could make that.' If anyone could have come up with the idea, what's the point? As far as I'm concerned films should be unique, innovative and creative, even if they have no purpose other than to entertain.


Aside from getting my own stuff made, my only real goal in life is to help other people make their crazy films. I have knowledge, kit, contacts, and reasonable amount of skill as a director, cinematographer or editor, so let me put that to use for you and together we can make some cool stuff. What more do you need?


Hire me.